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Advanced PPC Management.

Google AdWords & Bing PPC campaigns focussed on return on investment

Google AdWords & Bing PPC.

Google AdWords and Bing pay per click (PPC) advertising provides flexability, control and instant users as opposed to the longer commitment that SEO requires.


When search engine ppc campaigns are setup and managed correctly they can literally transform your business. When setup and managed incorrectly they waste £1000’s.

Pay Per Click or paid search as it’s also known as seems relatively straightforward when compared to other forms of digital marketing.

You pay every time someone clicks on your advert within sponsored links of search engines. Simple, right?

It’s understanding how to make sure that every click is of value to your company, and ensuring that you get a higher conversion rate of clicks to customers that is the complicated part.

Effective PPC Management will:

  1. Generate more clicks from customers that are searching for your products or services
  2. Get the best possible return for your spend
  3. Reduce wasted spend from ppc campaigns


PPC Management Services

To help clients generate better returns from PPC we provide the following Google AdWords and Bing Ads Search Engine PPC management services:

  • PPC Audits
  • Search Engine Advertising Management
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Landing Page Development
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping / Product Ads
  • Video Marketing
  • Remarketing 

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